Gain Mass Tips for Ectomorphs

It is really important to be aware of what your body type is, so that you are able to plan a training and exercise program in a way that is appropriate. After reading the ectomorph tips below, you will understand and learn more about the history of Ectomorph body types and more information to help you identify them easily.

Actually someone isn't just an Ectomorph in every case. It can be a combination of more than one body types. If someone has more characteristics in Ectomorph and Endomorph than he does in Ectomorph only, he or she is called an Ecto-Endomorph. You should examine the qualities that fit your body. For somebody, it might be described like 60% Ectomorph + 30% Endomorph + 10% Mesomorph. Well the percentage varies from people to people.

Tips for Ectomorphs
Ectomorphs can be identified by their bodies which are generally skinny or very thin. These people usually have trouble with strength and endurance. In other words, they look weak and fragile in body. Don't be so down and pessimistic if you have these symptoms. There are many famous bodybuilders, like Flex Wheeler and Frank Zane are Ectomorphic. Eventough someone is Ectomorphic, he can even win a Mr. Olympia as anyone else with Mesomorphic or Endomorphic body does, if he or she want to exert effort harder with proper discipline in healthy eating plans. Ectomorph should focus on building muscle mass, not firmness of muscles or tone. You also have to train more power movements.

These are fundamentals of gaining muscle mass for an Ectomorph,

+ EAT More. Healthy eating is the most essential thing for an Ectomorph, as they are hard gainers. Take in more calories than you are used to.
+ Train Heavy. Training with heavy weights helps add mass onto your skinny arms and legs. The exercise should bulk up your thin body.
+ Supplement wisely. With so many supplements available and so many claims made about the benefits, you should choose the best and effective one that works with your body, so you can save your money.


Most Ectomorphs are born skinny, and accordingly they don't eat much. Eating more will help you get the extra pounds, because you have a very fast metabolism. Ectomorph should minimize intake of "empty calorie" foods, with no real traditional nutritional value, kind of like potato or other snack chips. Sure, it can put on some weight, but you should tend to prefer consuming heavy foods, like meats along with eggs, milk, etc.

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