Facts About The Skinny Ectomorph

What is Ectomorph?
Is it related to my skinny elder brother, my friend or even me! That's the object of research of an American psychologist, William Herbert Sheldon (1898-1977) who spent his life researching all the variety of human bodies. William H. Sheldon assigned people into three categories of "somatotypes" in the 1940s: endomorphic, mesomorphic, and ectomorphic. Sheldon pioneered the use of anthropometry in the development of his categories of physical body types.

There are 3 basics of body types according to Sheldon's "somatotypes" and their supposed associated physical traits: Ectomorphic, Mesomorphic, and Endomorphic.

Specifically, we will focus on Ectomorph.

Facts of Ectomorph
Ectomorphic is characterized by long and thin muscles/limbs and low fat storage. Ectomorphs have a hard time storing fat and muscle. Ectomorphic people may have the following condition:
+ Thin body
+ Linear physique
+ Very Hard Gainers
+ Fragile Built Body
+ Flat Chest
+ Lean body
+ Lightly Muscled
+ Small Shouldered
+ Takes Longer to Gain Muscle
+ Short upper body
+ Long arms/legs
+ Long/narrow feet and hands
+ Very little fat
+ Narrow chest and shoulders
+ Long and thin muscles

If you have most of those characteristics above, you're probably an ectomorph. Mesomorphic is characterized by medium bones, well-defined muscles, solid torso, low fat levels, large bones, wide shoulders with a narrow waist. Mesomorphic people have a hard time storing fat, but it's not difficult for them to store muscle. While, endomorphic is characterized by round physique, increased fat storage, soft body, a wide waist and a large bone structure. Endomorphs have a hard time losing fat which is very contrary to the traits of the ectomorphs. Not everyone is purely ectomorph or endomorphs or mesomorph. He or she can have combinations of the 3 body types.

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