Bulking Guide for Ectomorph

Ectomorphic people are generally smaller in structure, have very low fat storage, have a difficult time gaining mass and has a harder time building muscles compared to other body types such as Mesomorph. Ectomorphs have such a difficulty building mass because they have naturally high metabolism. It's also speculated that the reason ectomorphic men have such a difficulty building mass is because of different fiber make up and high insulin resistance. No wonder if a true ectomorph is called the "hard-gainer". You might be aware of your buddies who he or she claims to be able to consume anything but not gain mass.

Bulking Guide
Ectomorphs should keep their caloric intakes at a maximum at all times. Because of their high and also fast metabolisms, in order to bulk up ectomorphs' bodies, the calories must be greater than that which are burned for their daily activities. It's said that it will take a minimum of 45 calories per pound of body weight to place the body in an anabolic state e.g. a 155 lb ectomorph has to consume a minimum of 6975 calories a day during a bulking phase to see any real growth. Once a bulking phase is finished, a minimum of 35 calories per pound of body weight is needed to maintain this hard-gained muscle.

For ectomorphs, during the bulking phase, the majority of caloric intakes should come from carbohydrates, along with about 25 percent protein, and about 30 percent from fat. It might not be so easy to reasonably reach this level of caloric intake, but like the old saying, where there's a will, there's a way. Go on reading other tips for ectomorph to gain mass.

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  1. that's ridicoulus!!! 7000 calories one pukes and feel bad...apart from this in another post u say a dfferent think about how to calculate....

  2. I agree too, almost ~7000 calories of intake a day during bulking phase might give your body an overload and possible heart seizure... is that even possible?