Cardio Training in Ectomorph Exercises

Ectomorph has a very fast metabolism so he or she doesn't usually have a problem losing weight. Cardio training is the way to go for weight loss for Endomorphic people, but not an Ectomorph who wants to gain weight. Someone with an ectomorph body type is a naturally-slim person who is naturally easier to lose fat so this person will generally not need to do as much cardio for fat loss. Too much cardio can actually hamper ectomorph's muscle gain by slowing recovery and burning up calories that ecto's body needs for the process of building muscle. However, if you want to do so, then you have to do less cardio training or even low-intensity cardio training, such as walking or slow cycling. In this case, the training is very easy for ectomorph's body to recover from. It will have very little negative impact on muscle gain and can help ectomorphs burn calories for fat loss.

One or two cardio sessions per week should be enough to maintain ectomorph's cardiovascular health and not to burn calories that you need to help gain weight. Ectomorphs could do cardio two days a week at a minimum to maintain cardio capacity while trying to gain muscle. Once or twice a week should be the maximum cardio frequency.

You should train heavy to focus on gaining muscle mass e.g. bench press, not cardio all the time, to preserve your hard earned muscles.

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