9 Bench Press Tips for Ectomorph

No wonder if bench press is one the most popular exercises. Bench Press is a good workout for an ectomorph to work first, since your chest is a big bodypart. Here are nine bench press tips for Ectomorphs that will help them in the long run:

1. Do correct technique
Ectomorph weight lifters should use the correct technique. Some ordinary bad techniques are locating your hand with wrong position on the bar, wrong grip, not keep your body still through whole of the set, lowering the bar to the wrong position on the chest, feet not stay on the floor at all times when bench pressing. Avoid those wrong techniques, you'll get the best result for your bench press training.

2. Do Supersets
Supersets can be a very effective way of bench press training. Train out of the comfort zone and into the pain zone. Just push yourself as hard as your are capable of. Varying the intensity creatively is paramount to getting the results.

3. Energize your triceps
If you want to increase bench press, train your triceps hard. Make sure you hit your triceps hard with exercises like close grip bench press and skull crushers. You can stick to heavy barbells and dumbbells instead of light-weight ones for hitting the triceps hard. It will add pretty good mass to your triceps.

4. Not Overtrain
It is quality, not quantity, that matters. You should focus on the quality of your reps, sets and exercises. You can do bench press once or twice a week.

5. More sleep
It is important to consider how much sleep you need. You need to rest for recovery. 8 hours appears to be the best amount of sleep. You can also get more rest between workouts. You don't build muscles while you're exercising but when you're resting.

6. Don't exercise your triceps the day before your chest
You shouldn't do triceps the day before you train your chest, because you need fresh and strong triceps to do heavy bench presses. You'll also try training your triceps separately to build strong triceps when they are fresh and strong.

7. Eat like monster
An ectomorph has trouble gaining weight enough, so you have to consume enough calories per day to get bigger and stronger.

8. Eat before and after training
Remember to eat properly before and after training which is important for increasing your bench press results.

9. Take supplements
You can use protein powder to make sure you get the high level of protein needed to strengthen your bodies through bench press exercise. Bodybuilders usually take protein powders after waking up in the morning, before and after workout a serving, and before sleeping.

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