Ectomorph Weight Training Guide

After figuring out how to put on your weight, muscle training is the next most essential thing. Do not forget to eat, eat, and eat, because if you don't, your weight training is useless. Ectomorph can start training heavy with no higher than 7 or 8 reps. You can also add a few power exercises in your workout.

After that you'll do mass training programs. For your chest, do heavy barbell bench presses. Deadlifts for your back. Heavy upright rows, and Power clean and presses for shoulders. Do squats for legs and standing triceps presses for your arms. This exercise helps to boost mass in parts where Ectomorphs are very thin, which would be mostly all parts of your body. Be sure to do all the variations to these trainings, like for example, the bench press. Do incline bench press, decline bench press, and flat bench press to really pack on thick piece of muscle. So how many reps and sets should you do? You had better not trouble by the amount you do reps, try 3 sets of 6, 4, 4 reps. What's more important is to focus on every rep, and lift very intensely. Next time your in the gym, increase the weight.

Last but not least, an ectomorph should be cautious with cardio or aerobic training. This exercise causes you to burn calories that you need to help gain mass. You can do it little but try not to do too much cardio, because it is very easy for Ectomorphs to lose weight naturally. Focus on heavy training and minimize cardio to preserve your hard earned weight.

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