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Nowadays Ectomorphs give too low assessment of healthy eating. Most of them just want to take supplements to get quick results. Actually, eating more is really much more important for an ectomorph to increase muscle mass. Supplementing effects on building muscle of course, but do not forget to eat heavy foods either. You can get creatine (not from supplement) just by eating steak three times a day, because it has creatine in it. Bodybuilders actually prefer vitamins.

You must eat to become big. Food consist of many nutrients. You should consume foods rich in high protein and carbs. They are often recommended for athletes and body builders. Protein is one of the most important components in the human body and is needed daily. Below is a list of high protein foods/sources you can try,
+ Eggs (not powder). Eggs contain the best protein digestion rate of any natural source, where the percentage net utilization by our bodies is 94%.
+ Protein powder. Protein powders digest even easier than egg protein and can be utilized by our bodies even more than the 94% that natural egg protein can be. These protein powders would have a protein rating higher than 100. You can consume whey protein in this case.
+ Cottage Cheese. Cottage cheese is a cheese curd product with a mild flavor. Cottage cheese contains a great amount of quality protein, around 14 g protein per serving and has about 90 calories per serving.
+ Yogurt, milk, dairy products, meats, nuts also contain high protein counts.
+ Food with carbs are also essential for Ectomorph, because you have a very fast metabolism and carbohydrate is what your body burns off first.
+ Do not forget to eat healthy fruit. Banana is associated with healthy digestion, helping to bulk up and normalize bowel movements. In addition to banana, oranges are also good for weight gain.

Ectomorph with a very hard time gaining weight can try to take homemade weight gainer between meals. There are hundreds of commercial weight gainers on the market, so homemade weight gainers can be much better and cheaper. There are many examples of homemade weight gainer shakes to bulk up. You can try to blend low cost protein powder, foods, water, oats, eggs, fruits (e.g. banana or berries), strawberry or chocolate flavoring. It usually has tens of grams of protein in it, and a lot of calories which is great for putting on weight. You don't need 1000+ calories at one time, so try to split it up and you can drink 3 or 4 a day.

When you find the solution on how to gain weight, the next step of course, is weight training!

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